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Introduction to the Xsigo Solution

Xsigo Systems is the technology leader in I/O virtualization, a data center solution that dramatically reduces operational expense by changing the way that servers are connected to networks and storage.

The problem with today's server I/O is time, cost, and complexity. Fixed I/O resources- such as cards, cables become weeks-long projects that require coordination between multiple groups.

The Xsigo I/O DirectorTM replaces I/O cards with virtual resources(virtual NICs and HBA's) that can be deployed on the fly and transparently moved among servers. And it consolidates cabling, eliminating 70% of the server I/0 cable plant. The result is 100x more responsive infrastructure where changes become far simpler to implement, applications can be provisioned with the exact connectivity they need in seconds rather then days or weeks, and software re-cabling eliminates the need to enter the data center.

Benefits of the Xsigo I/0 Director include:

  • Consolidates I/0 for 70% fewer cards and cables.
  • Reduces capital expenses by up to 50% with fewer I/0 components.
  • Lowers operational expense: Time required for moves, adds, and changes fails 80%.
  • Improves performance and scalability via a hardware-based architecture with custom silicon.
  • Delivers future-proof, pay-as-you-grow expansion based on a modular design.
  • Offers broad interoperability through an open, standards-based approach.
Xsigo's success formula includes innovative technology, a proven management team, and financial backing from investors who have a track record of making a lasting impact on technology.