Wilson Consulting Services provides a wide range of Services to help your investment in IT work best for you.

Listed are some of the Services that we offer. We can customize a solution to fit to your environment.


Network Design

Design your Network to meet today’s challenges which include VOIP, data replication, WAN Optimization, IPS systems, and  Disaster Recovery.



If your company has or has not started a server virtualization project Wilson Consulting Services has the expertise to help you along the way. Whether your looking at your first SAN or need to look at Virtual IO we can help.


Managed Infrastructure

We can help manage your routers, firewall, and switches. We can receive alerts and act on them from our NOC or alert your staff to the problem.


Managed Desktops

We can provide the following services to provide a Corporate Standard for your Desktop environment. With today’s threats if you do not have a process in place to keep your desktops patched, antivirus up-to-date, you are vulnerable to data theft. If you have confidential customer data on your systems and it gets hacked your company may be facing a lawsuit. We can build a process so that if a workstation becomes corrupted we can usually fix it remotely.


Managed Backups

There is no more important asset that a company has then its’ data. Just think of how many man hours it took to setup your accounting, sales and marketing processes. What would happen if you came to work and everything was gone due to theft, acts of God, system failure, or human error? How many man hours did it take to create your data? What are your payroll costs while employees wait for systems to be restored? Could you rebuild everything?